My Name is Zoe Osborne and I am a graduate of Ryerson School of Interior Design. I grew up in Barbados and I am moved to Toronto with a hope to learn about design that makes change. 


I have found myself being interested in interior design that considers its clients and the way in which people will interact within the space. Following the idea that "form follows function" the design of my work is meant to provide a functional space for its users that still possesses a pleasing aesthetic. 


Also, coming from a post-colonial island, old British and old Barbadian vernacular architecture have grown to evoke a feeling of home for me. I grew up seeing many of these buildings abandoned or stripped away from their architectural significance and as a result I have developed an interest in historic preservation. With this, and my interest in the environment I have found myself leaning towards design that is responsive to the environment. 



I am currently working on a brand Mahogany Culture where I have been exploring my interests of Barbadian history and how it can be spread in a modern context. I have also had the opportunity to publish my ideas about historic buildings to a local newspaper in Barbados called Barbados Today.

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