Circulation Model

The Federal Café is a commercial building it was evident in my investigations that I should show circulation while emphasizing density. On the lower level of the Federal Café is an area where one can access the seating straight from the street. This highly affects the circulation of the building, and therefore caused me to only include this feature in the armature of the model, leaving the rest solid.


Parti Model

The experience one gains from visiting the café aided me in deciding my focus in the model. The fact that it has two walls, which invite people from the street, aided me in visualizing the building as having an energy that comes from the streets and goes through the levels of the café extending up to the terrace. I chose to use wood due to its angular possibilities and millboard was used for a contrast in building and street. 


Sight Lines Model

The sight lines in this model create a hemisphere over the people on the terrace of the café. As it is two stories above the ground it the people are secluded from busy people walking the streets. Although the elements around them cannot be seen, they can be heard. This sense of hearing causing customers to visualize what is around them in their minds. Taking this into consideration the hemisphere is at different angles showing these elements attempting to penetrate it.



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