The interior of the new SubPac office, Bass Dimensions, is meant to help people interact with bass through the different dimensions. Varying colours and height found throughout the space are the design elements that aim to do this. With an open concept plan the space will help SubPac employees to communicate effectively as well as have varying types of workspaces to reside during the day. The building erases the literal border between public and private spaces, as SubPac is an independent music community based company.


The space is meant to act as a private office and public destination during the day and a club/ event space at night.  As SubPac takes up only a portion of the sq. ft. of the warehouse on 950 Dupont Street this allows for a leased space that can hold large events during the day and night.  This total is divided into private spaces for SubPac, where the main offices and work stations are located, public SubPac space as well as fully public space.  In the public office space are open co-working zone and meeting areas. Some of the space can be used for media interviews. The public space is made up of a gaming room, a radio room and mixing pods for recording artists as well as Sjs.  There is also a café and SubPac retail store within the space to help bring people into the bass dimensions. 


Colour coding of walls and lighting help to define the different spaces. Teal is used for public space, yellow for the public parts of the SubPac office and orange for any private SubPac office spaces. 


During the night the leased space in bass dimensions will be a space for music related events such as launching of the work of new independent music artists and for Djs to showcase their work. 

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