Barbados has developed from a long history of inequality and struggle. I am proposing the design of a culture centre in the heart of the islands main city. This culture centre is meant to inform tourists about Barbados’s history as well as allowing locals to fully understand where they came from, so that they can move on and be truly free.


I decided to locate this culture centre in the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. This way it is in close vicinity to many historic buildings, two of the top secondary schools, the Barbados Parliament buildings as well as many other fundamental buildings to Barbados.


The buildings main programming is the journey that one comes to experience. This journey takes you through the different phases of Barbadian history, shown through varying architecture. This begins with the slave hut and ends with the chattel house, leading to freedom. On this journey you will be greeted by Barbadians of different ages with stories to share about these periods in history. Inside these different modules are elements that are usually affiliated with these spaces, whether it be a chair or a carpet. The centre acts as a culture centre as the people within these modules with sometimes be poets, artists or dancers that express history or our current state through their own medium.

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